‘Tis the season of giving. I love making gifts for friends and family. Cooking is a way to show love and what better time than the holidays? Gift giving should be fun not stressful.ย  Haven’t we all had a friend that after saying “No Gifts” shows up with gift in hand? No need to feel bad. Simply grab a bottle of liqueur, say you’re going to make them a drink, and excuse yourself to the kitchen. Then whip together this Sugar is Sweet Flavored Sugar Snow Gift in under five minutes and return with gift in hand.

Flavored Sugar

Flavored sugar is perfect for coffee, tea, and for baked goods. It also is pretty, like a shimmering icy snow. I love the way it looks in little round jars. It reminds me of snow globes. Snow globes have a special place in my heart. My MeMaw (my grandmother for my non-Southern friends) used to collect them. She had a whole table full. When I was a child, I used to love shaking them. I always tried to quickly shake all of them to form a magical blizzard. It was always fun to watch it “snow” in all the different parts of the world at once. My MeMaw’s collection were souvenirs of travels from friends and family. I miss the magic of the snow globes and I miss her. She was my inspiration for so many things, especially in the kitchen. I know she would have loved this gift of a “snow globe” am sure she would have used it in her famous fudge.

Amaretto and Bailey's Irish Cream Mocha Sugar
Amaretto and Bailey’s Irish Cream Mocha Sugar

This flavored sugar gift is so easy NO RECIPE IS NEEDED! O.K. don’t panic. Here is a simple guide to get you started:

Sweet As Snow Flavored Sugar Gift
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  • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 3 TBSP favorite liquor or cordial (or 1 TBSP extract)


  1. Whisk together all ingredients until well blended.
  2. Store in an airtight container.


Use in coffee, tea, or baked goods.


For the Bailey’s Mocha Sugar add in 1 tsp cocoa powder. That’s it! Fill your favorite container. Tie a spoon on if you wish and wish someone a sweet filled holiday.

Put your TO COOK IS TO CREATE thinking cap on: This is where it gets fun. There are no rules. Get creative in the kitchen. Use any extracts, liquors, or cordials. Mix and match flavors like you would in your favorite cocktail. For instance, like Grasshoppers? Use creme de menthe and creme de cacoa. Like Irish coffee? Use Irish whiskey and mix some brown sugar into the granulated sugar. Use any spices, too and don’t forget cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans can be used, too!

Food Fun: Susanne Duplantis Makeover My LeftoverHere’s a clip of me having a little fun talking about Holiday leftoversย 1213170741a_HDR and this Sweet as Snow “oh so easy” Flavored Sugar gift on the THE BIG XTRA HOUR SHOW


Sweet As Snow “Oh so Easy” Flavored Sugar
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  • December 17, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    “SWEET Treat”… clever idea. Delicious added to most anything! ๐Ÿ˜‹


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