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My culinary background began on a step stool in my MeMaw’s kitchen (yep, obviously I’m from the South) I was her pot stirrer, flour sifter, potato masher, carrot peeler, egg whisker, official taste tester…I was her sous chef! (and that was way before I even knew that role)

Here is the chef and her little sous chef, relaxing after cooking and enjoying a big meal-that’s my full and happy look!


My culinary journey took a big leap when finances forced me to take a semester off from college in order to earn money to further my education. I got a job in a restaurant and found my place in the world. I did earn a Health Education degree and became a Certified Health Education Specialist but realized my passion was in the restaurant world. I was a restaurant manager for 22 years. The many hours in the restaurant and kitchen gave me the opportunities to learn from some of the greatest local chefs in Louisiana. I used this knowledge to cook against some of the same chefs, my early mentors, in benefit cook-offs. I even beat a few of them at their own game! I loved cooking so much, I became a catering chef.

My culinary journey would take another direction after I suffered a stroke and was forced to retire from the restaurant world but luckily not from cooking. I consider my stroke my biggest blessing in disguise for it enabled me to begin my blog and follow my passion against food waste. An issue I saw first hand from the back of the kitchen to the customers’ refusal to take home a to-go box.

I have a cooking segment. See some clips on My MEDIA page.

I have been proud to participate yearly in the Cancer Services Capital Chef Showcase, premiering my original recipes.

Chef Susanne Duplantis

In 2015, I was selected to compete in the first annual Food Fight Write Blogger Summit cooking competition:

WFC Susanne DuplantisFFWsauceWFC Susanne Duplantis

I was honored to be asked to return to the 2016 World Food Championships as a judge for the dessert category. After extensive training, I became a certified food sport judge in the E.A.T. methodology.WFC Judge Susanne Duplantis

I was proud to be one of five competitors from my state of Louisiana to compete in the 2017 World Food Championships. My category-Chili Susanne Duplantis WFC 2017In 2018, I came in second in the Taste of America Challenge for the state of Louisiana securing a competition spot at the 2018 World Food Championships.

Baton Rouge Chef to Participate in World Food Championships

Susanne Duplantis WFC 2018

I placed in the TOP TEN of the Burger Category at the Championships and won first place in the Mushroom Council Blended Burger Bonus Bucks Burger Battle.

2018 World Food Championships Susanne Duplantis


Susanne Duplantis Baton Rouge I’m the event chef of the Riverbend Garden Growers Exchange, a group fighting food waste one garden and one neighborhood at a time.  party2 Learn more about it in the Country Roads Magazine article.  Did I mention I love cooking! party5

I do local cooking demonstrations utilizing fresh vegetables while teaching stem to root cooking. Baton Rouge Farmers Market Susanne DuplantisBaton Rouge Farmers Market Susanne Duplantis

I enjoy cooking for local charities and benefits.

Chef Susanne Duplantis

I conduct food waste workshops.

I have developed new restaurant menu items based on my “Use it not Misuse it” belief

Read more about My Food Philosophy

I can be reached at:

6 thoughts on “My HISTORY

  • January 4, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Great ideal U have here lady! U think this can help me to eat better foods and attempt to lose a few pounds? I need to make and give U are large cutting board for your videos. God Bless !

  • March 12, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Hello Susanne,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and I very much enjoyed our conversation at the end of an oyster table at Clammer Dave’s Oyster Roast during last week’s Charleston Food & Wine Festival. You have a great personal story and I will look forward to reading your blog now! Take care and hopefully I’ll run into you again at next year’s event.

    • March 15, 2015 at 3:36 pm

      So glad to hear from you, such a nice surprise as well as our conversation over some incredibly delicious oysters. It was a delight to meet you. Thanks for following my blog-Lots more to Cook!! See you next year!!

  • January 13, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    So excited and proud of you!


  • September 29, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    So looking forward to your great blog. I have tasted your creations and you are magical.
    The very best to you Susanne, you are INDEED a CHEF!


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