It’s Mother’s Day Weekend! Did you finish your shopping? Mail your cards? Ordered flowers? Made brunch reservations?

If you need a little something extra, make mom a last minute gift and save food and money at the same time–three things to feel good about doing. Whether mom is a coffee lover, tea lover, a baker, a cook, a brunch lover, a mixologist, or has sweet tooth, like mine, there is something on this tray for her.

Last Minute Food Waste Mother’s Day DIY Gifts

Here are some last minute food waste Mother’s day DIY gift ideas:

Save the morning coffee grounds for aroma awakening treats. Let coffee grounds dry. Then use in these gifts:

  • Put coffee grounds into a dish with a candle, as the candle burns it will smell like fresh roasted coffee
  • Melt coconut oil. Add coffee grounds. Pour mixture into an ice cube tray. Let sit on counter for 30 minutes. Then refrigerate. When solid, remove, store in a covered container. One side is a nice exfoliator and the other is a rich moisturizer. I like to keep mine in the fridge. Think about all the cute ice cube molds to shape your cubes and designer jars to hold them.
  • Add grounds to a small dish. Add your favorite oil to your desired consistency. Keep by sink in a pretty dish with a small spoon. Use as a daily hand scrub.

    Coffee Grounds Candle and Cubes

Save those strawberry tops for Strawberry Top Tea, Vinegar, and Vodka:

  • Put tops into a food dehydrator or on a sheet pan and dry in a low oven for 2 hours or longer if needed. Put dry tops into a food processor. Pulse until minced. Use in your favorite loose tea blend. Gift with a tea cup and tea strainer.
  • Add strawberry tops to a bottle. Cover with vinegar. Refrigerate overnight. Strain and use in your favorite salad dressing. I like to use white wine vinegar for dressings and balsamic vinegar for dessert sauce. Store in a nice bottle with a stopper.
  • Add strawberry tops to a jar. Cover with vodka. Let sit for 2 days. Strain and enjoy! I love this in a champagne cocktail

    Strawberry Top Tea and Vinegar

Flavored sugars and salts:

  • Use fresh or dried herbs to flavor salt. Process until finely minced. Add 1/4 cup Kosher salt. Pulse a few times. Remove and mix with 1/4 cup course sea salt. Store in a spice jar.
Easy to Make Flavored Sugars and Salts
  • Add citrus peels to a food dehydrator to dry or place on cookie sheet in low oven to dry, 1-2 hours. Add dried peels to food processor. Mince. Add to sugar. Keep covered in an airtight jar. Orange peel sugar is delightful as a glass rimmer for a mimosa! Want a great Bloody Mary spice? Add dried lemon and lime peels to a mix of salt, sugar, powdered onion, black pepper, cayenne, chili powder, paprika, and celery seed.
Bloody Mary Spice and Orange Peel Sugar
  • Use your favorite liqueur or cordial to make other flavored sugars.
  • Put On Your TO COOK IS TO CREATE Thinking Cap: The strawberry tops can be used in gin or rum, too. No booze? Use strawberry tops to infuse water for a refreshing drink. Gift the orange sugar with a nice bottle of champagne. Made a herb flavored salt? Look up a recipe using it, write it out, and attach it to the jar. It’s all about presentation, go to the dollar or craft store and pick up some fancy bottles and jars to hold these food waste gifts or make a few and arrange them in a basket. It is the thought that counts, but I’m betting mom will love you even more knowing you saved food and money.

    FOOD FUN: I want to wish all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day especially my mom, my best friend and my number one fan. I wouldn’t be doing what I am today without her love and support. I will be pouring her a mimosa with an orange peel sugared rim and toasting to the most amazing woman I know.

    My #1 fan my Mom at my Jazz Fest Demo 2022
Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts
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