It’s Halloween weekend, so I thought I would do a FREAKY FRIDAY flashback. Yes, a flashback, so before you think I have totally lost my mind, it’s a flashback from last Halloween when we all were going a bit stir crazy. It is easy for me, however, to go a bit crazy over Halloween. I love the haunted houses, scary movies, costumes, and, of course, the candy, especially candy corn.

If you love candy corn, as much as I do, then get a little freaky with these candy corn creations. It all begins with a “magic” potion.

Hope you all have a magically Happy Halloween!


Then use the “magic potion” to make Halloween treats from pancakes to popcorn (perfect for popping in your mouth between screams) or to snack the night away with candy corn coated nuts and chips!

Make a candy corn martini for yourself to keep the monsters away and make a kid friendly version to keep the sugar rush going strong all night.

Freaky Friday Flashback Fun
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