The day after Thanksgiving is still filled with food, family, and friends. Do you rush out the door to start shopping for Christmas or do you lay low and enjoy a day of football?  I used to be one that woke up before dawn skipping breakfast in order to get to the stores before they opened. A rush to stand in line, usually in the cold, to buy merchandise for a few dollars cheaper than any other day of the year….crazy sounding isn’t it??A few years ago, my family decided we would no longer give presents (except for the kids, of course, but then Santa handles all that!). No more need to get out of the cozy bed early, except for coffee and breakfast. A breakfast of Thanksgiving leftovers. This recipe is a hearty breakfast whether you are staying in or going out to shop (If you just can’t wait, it can even be wrapped to go and eaten in the car or while standing in line).

Stuffed Breakfast Rolls:

Uses leftover rolls and dressing (or stuffing). SAMSUNG CSC Leftover turkey or ham can be added, but I like to save those for lunch. I also save some dressing in order  to make my all time favorite Thanksgiving leftover meal, Dressy Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

Let’s begin: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. The number of rolls can be multiplied or subtracted as you wish based on preference and amount of leftovers.

To begin, spray a muffin tin with non-stick spray (remember olive oil spray bottle a good choice). Put a roll into each well. Depending on the size of rolls, use 1 roll per well for small rolls or use 1/2 roll per well for large rolls. I’m using 1/2 roll in each well. Break and whisk eggs (I always add a little cream into my eggs). Use 1 egg per 2 wells. Pour a little beaten egg into each well, reserving half.SAMSUNG CSC Let stand 5 minutes. The roll will absorb most of the egg. Season as you wish. I add Italian seasoning. Top each well with 1-1 1/2 TBSP cold dressing  SAMSUNG CSC pressing down with back of a spoon. (I’m using sausage cornbread dressing) Add the remaining egg to each well. Top with cheese, if desired. SAMSUNG CSC Bake for 20-25 minutes. SAMSUNG CSC Slide butter knife around each well to remove rolls. That’s it! EnjoyStuffed Breakfast RollsStuffed Breakfast Rolls

Layered with yumminess! Stuffed Breakfast Rolls Ready to go…sit in front of the fireplace.

Put your TO COOK IS TO CREATE thinking cap on: Think about all the different variations of dressings and how each would make a different flavor combination. Want to make it heartier? Add some leftover ham or turkey or crumbled bacon. Like spicy? Add jalapenos, hot sauce, and pepper jack cheese (especially good with seafood dressing) Want more flavor? Add flavored cream or eggnog into the eggs. Does your stuffing contain nuts? If not, add toasted pecans or walnuts on top of rolls before adding eggs. Don’t want all the carbs? Just use the dressing as the “cup”-put layer of dressing into well and press down and up sides and add egg.

FYI: This recipe is a good one to keep in mind, it works well with leftover hamburger patties and buns, too!

FOOD FUN: There always seems to be some debate going on this time of year about whether it is called dressing or stuffing. I grew up eating my Memaw’s (grandmother’s) oyster cornbread dressing, so it will always be dressing to me. What do you call it in your family? Butterball took a poll of 1,000 men and women in 9 regions and here are the results.Butterball Poll Some are surprising!

Stuffed Breakfast Rolls
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2 thoughts on “Stuffed Breakfast Rolls

  • November 23, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Stuffed Breakfast Rolls…can’t wait to try them. I will make sure I have some dressing leftover from Thanksgiving so that I can make some of these delicious looking treats. I plan on adding some cranberry sauce to top mine off just before I indulge. Such a quick and easy recipe….Thanks Susanne. The ingredients are endless….what else can I add!!!!! Yummy!!

  • November 22, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Sounds good! Thanks. Can’t wait to try it with my apple walnut stuffing….stuffing for me!


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